What is Thelma & Louise?

Thelma & Louise is an online travel portal and global travel community with the aim of uniting women in the spirit of new experiences. Committed to helping women better explore our world, we provide the tools and information, sourced from like-minded women with common interests, to kick-start your next adventure.

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Why join T&L

Women travel for so many reasons!

  • Who wants a career break?
  • Are your friends in a different place (in mind or location)?
  • Are you looking for new friends to travel with?
  • Who is newly single?
  • Does your partner lack your travel ambitions (or have a different view)?
  • Are you planning a trip with your friends/partner and seeking travel advice?
  • Do you need to get away on your own for a while?
  • Who wants to see beyond the tour groups and souvenir shops?
  • Are you in search of a true spiritual experience?
  • Are you seeking a gap year adventure?
  • Do you simply like adventure?
  • Are you eager to share your fountain of travel knowledge?
  • Would you prefer travel ideas and advice from a female perspective?

Whatever your reasons, if you love travel, you belong here!

What can I do here?


Do you finally want to take that trip to India, but feel uncomfortable with the idea of going it alone? We provide a community for women, and women only, who are seeking to take their dreams on the road. Find like-minded women, seek advice and even stay over each other’s places before you take off! The perfect travel buddy is out there and they are probably at Thelma and Louise.


What if it’s time to plan that long-desired trip to Barcelona or to start checking off the 7 wonders starting with Machu Picchu in Peru? We help you plan that dream trip with the reliable advice and reviews from other women like you.


No matter where you are going, you should spend time doing a little research about the holiday destination. In today’s internet-propelled era, travel guides and heavy books can often not be enough. Our community provides online travel guides, reviews, discussion forums and user-generated content offering a wealth of information from every angle imaginable. Decide which tourist attractions to see, where to eat, and what to do all on one site.


Because we are sure you had a great trip, we want you to share it with others. We make that easy with quick travel-guide publishing, Facebook® share links and activity feeds for all to see. Share and inspire others the way hopefully others shared & inspired you!


The strength of our community lies directly with the transparency and honesty of our members. Tell others about your trip … what would help make the next visit better? We aim to make this the best online travel portal for women on earth, and we need you to make that happen.

What are the benefits?

Proprietary content uploaded by fellow members.

Firstly, our content is proprietary. That means it's ours. Nothing makes it onto the Thelma & Louise without having come from members or being approved by us.

Run by women, for women.

Women’s needs are different from men’s in many ways, but almost nowhere is that more obvious than in the way we travel. Women want more details and need more information to make a decision than men do. That is why this community is run by women of all ages with women of all ages in mind. We encourage your feedback to make sure the site is always getting better.